Game Instructions

Taking off
To take off increase your ships speed to a desirable value that is above the medium speed.
When you increase the speed the following speed gage will appear:

You should keep the speed value in the Flying range or your ship will start to lose altitude.
Once the speed is adjusted, your ship will take off automatically but you may also pull up to speed up the process.

Controlling your ship up and down
Push and pull your ships nose down and up using the up and down keyboard arrows.
- Because this game is a simulation one pressing the up arrow means going down and pressing the down arrow means going up:

Controlling your ship left and right
To turn your ship, rotate its axis using the left and right keyboard arrows.
To turn even faster rotate the axis to a 90 degrees angle and then pull up by pressing the down arrow:

Jumping into light speed momentarily
Press the [J] key to fly at the speed of light for a moment.
- This is essential when you are under heavy fire and want to escape, or when you want to escape from an aircraft or tank on your tail.

Recharging your ship
You will need to recharge your ship when its damage is critical or when the number of light speed jumps expires.
- Recharge your ship by flying through the recharging gate:

The gate is located right behind your runway.

Your Mission
Your goal is to protect the Mars station from the alien attackers.
There is a total of 15 missions plus an extra last one where you meat the alien boss!

In combat
In combat, the ideal speed for engaging enemies is between 70 to 80 zecs/tes. (the speed value will appear with the speed gage)
Your laser is automatically giddied which makes the aiming task easier.

Good Luck!

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