Welcome to the world full of Damsels in distress

The Unlikely Story

The monsters from the star ALPHA NOGOOD have arrived on planet earth and are harrasing the Damsels of this world. It is your duty to follow the time honoured tradition of saving the Damsels in distress. To keep up with the changing times we have provided a CUTE BOY option for Damsels who do not consider themselves helpless and would rather be saving than be saved.

And how can we forget the little kids who would like to start their own saving business. So kids here are some transformations for you also and beware of flying bullets.

How To Play

This game is played with keyboard controls.

To get the keyboard focus, press mouse anywhere on the main panel once and the keyboard will come into action.

Use CURSOR keys or 'j', 'k', 'l', 'i'  to move left, down, right and up.

use 'z' key to dig a hole on your left side

use 'x' key to dig a hole on right side

use SPACE BAR to stop your player

Note: One key is buffered, so you can play your next move in advance

and we almost did not tell you that there can be Fall Through bricks.


There are no rules which you can violate so do not worry about breaking them.

To start with you are given five lives and every time you complete a level, you are given one extra life. However if you touch a monster, you lose a life and the game restarts at the same level.

To complete a level you have to collect all the five Damsels and reach the top of the maze.

The monsters also eat the damsels but it being an alien food for them, they put back the damsels at some new position.

You can kill a monster by trapping a monster in a hole, as the hole fills up automatically after some time. However monsters do not follow the simple laws of life and death and reappear after some time. So be careful of reappearing monsters. But be careful as you will also die if you are in a hole which fills up.


Since we have no exclusive claim on creativity, we would like you to create your own levels and play them. The editor provides facility to create grid with various objects. We are very lazy in documenting things and we are sure that the editor is simple enough for you to use even without a help manual. Give it a try. You can even copy the existing levels into the editor and modify them to your liking. However keep in mind that

User Level

You can use the editor to create levels and play them on the main panel by selecting "My Level" button. In the editor, we provide a show button, which allows you to copy the level (In text format) and save it for future reference(use cut and paste to move this to any word processor or text editor). You can also send this to your friends via e-mail and they can use the "Accept" button along with cut and paste to bring this to your editor and play the level created by your friends.

User Play

The replay facility is provided to replay the last level, so that you can laugh at your follies or admire your Damsel saving skills. We also provide a "show rec" button to output the game played by you. You can send this to your friends to tell them how you solved the level created by them. They can review the game by setting the level and using the "accept" button on the play panel (Not the editor).


We love feed back. You can send us some interesting levels created by you and we will put them in the next version if your levels are more interesting then the ones created by others. And what is more, we will even give credit to you as the level is being played. So scratch your creative part of the brain and come out with killer levels.