The game starts with three peaks of cards laid out and one open card.
Rest of the cards are on closed stack. Your aim is to move all the cards
to open card.

1. You can move any of the open card on the three peaks to the open card if
it is adjacent to it. e.g. you can move a 3 or 5 in case the open card
is 4.
2. If you are unable to move any card you can open a close card with a
penalty of 5 points.
3. Every time you clear a peak you are given 15 points bonus. When you
clear the last peak the bonus increases to 30 points.
4. Every time you move a card from tri peaks to open card you get points.
These points start with 1 for the first time and increase by 1 for
subsequent cards. However if you open a close card the streak breaks
and the point start from 1 again.

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