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Fast Simple Games:

Check out all the Fast Simple Games has to offer. We've got games that everyone wants to play! Just click on a game below to start playing. All Flash Games, Shockwave Games, and Java Games are free to play.

Ambient Parade

Ambient Parade Fly around destroying the same colored targets to rack up big points while trying to avoid the rotating walls.

A220 Mission 1

A220 Mission 1 A mini space shooter that will keep you entertained! Get to the other side of the moon, if you can!

Achievement Unlocked

Achievement Unlocked How many achievements can you unlock?! Can you get them all? Do all kinds of crazy stunts in an attempt to totally complete the level!

Rock n Ball

Rock n Ball Collect the stars to fly through the levels! The faster you get the stars to the bottom the faster you win! Don't let the blocks pile too high!

Supper Stacker

Supper Stacker Help stack the food items as high as you can on the tray without dropping too many of them to the ground! Try to stack them evenly and tall!

Express Delivery

Express Delivery Get the truck to its destination as fast as possible without losing too much of the cargo along the way! Keep the boxes in the back as you drive.

Falling Stars

Falling Stars Quickly dust the screen of the falling stars! Each star you push off the screen earns you points! Avoid the bombs or you'll lose points!

Monkie 2

Monkie 2 Carefully jump from branch to branch to get as far as you can! Don't miss and fall in the water of it will be game over!

Pyramid Bloxx

Pyramid Bloxx Help build a giant pyramid! Carefully toss the blocks from tier to tier! How high up can you get the block? Can you reach the top?

Circus Circus

Circus Circus Perform each circus act to perfection! Earn money based on how well you perform and use it to unlock the next acts! Become a circus master.

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