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Fast Simple Games:

Check out all the Fast Simple Games has to offer. We've got games that everyone wants to play! Just click on a game below to start playing. All Flash Games, Shockwave Games, and Java Games are free to play.

Balloon Racer

Balloon Racer Fly in a balloon across time! Experience the years from a place in the sky! Navigate yourself through time and beat the clock in all 20 levels!

Tombs of Anubis

Tombs of Anubis Get a picture of Anubis without being stopped by his mummy army! Take pics of the mummies to make them disappear and collect the pics for points.

Office Slacking 5

Office Slacking 5 Sarah got fired from her last job for slacking off, but she's back to her old ways again at this new job. Keep her from getting in trouble.


Flalls Help both teams of Flalls get to their side of the field in this colorful game! Collect gifts to unlock more tools to use to sort the Flalls!

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Play this new twist on a classic game! Choose from rock, paper, scissors, lizard, or spock, and hope the computer chooses one you can beat!

Monster Dash

Monster Dash Help gather as many resumes as you can! As the stack gets taller, it becomes more difficult to control so don't be too reckless with your speed!


HauntedHybrid Help Frieda fly her hybrid broom! It uses candy corn as fuel, and luckily there's lots everywhere! Be sure to avoid that pesky bat!

Catch Watermelon

Catch Watermelon Toss and catch the watermelon, moving it from person to person. Aim carefully or the watermelon will smash on the wall or the ground.

Demolition Dodge

Demolition Dodge Try to dodge the other cars which are trying to bash into you in this demolition derby! Collect power-ups and get time bonuses to stay in.


AIB Poor AIB! Fruit just doesn't like him! Try to dodge the flying fruit as it hurls itself at you.

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