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Fast Simple Games:

Check out all the Fast Simple Games has to offer. We've got games that everyone wants to play! Just click on a game below to start playing. All Flash Games, Shockwave Games, and Java Games are free to play.

Farm Bee

Farm Bee The farmer has planted his flowerbeds with bulbs, now it's up to FarmBee to make them blossom into colourful flowers. Buzz around the fields!

Reactor Twist 3D

Reactor Twist 3D Use four different special weapons to keep the robots away from the nuclear reactors, or just try to stay alive in this fast-paced game!

Primal Alarm

Primal Alarm Help the prehistoric man collect the food falling from the branches! Collect ice to freeze branches! Avoid the rocks! Don't waste tasty food!

Bomb Escape

Bomb Escape Move your plane away from the bombs! Keep moving to keep it safe! Can you keep from getting bombed long enough to beat each level?


Eggsplosive Start the eggsplosion with the chicken, and take out as many other animals as you can! Each level requires more of the animals to be hit.

Asterisk 2

Asterisk 2 Asterisk is back, and this time it's underwater! Expand the shapes to collect the stars (and fish for bonus points) but don't let them touch!

Trigger Master

Trigger Master Duel your opponent and come out on top to be the trigger master! Only fire when the judge takes off his hat! Be trigger-happy!

Hidden Bugs

Hidden Bugs Shoot arrows at all the bugs on the screen! Find them all before time runs out, but don't shoot randomly, that will cost you 20 seconds a shot.

Birds Defender

Birds Defender Defend the baby birds as you help them survive! Feed them worms and protect them from hungry eagles soaring overhead until they're ready to fly.

The Magic Box

The Magic Box Move the box around without hitting any other boxes! The more boxes that pass you by, the more points you'll earn!

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