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Fast Simple Games:

Check out all the Fast Simple Games has to offer. We've got games that everyone wants to play! Just click on a game below to start playing. All Flash Games, Shockwave Games, and Java Games are free to play.


Gravity Jump from brick to brick to activate them by touching. Activate all the bricks to move on to the next level. Collect stars for bonus points.


Clickers Fill up your color bars by clicking the growing bubbles of color! Shrink them down so they don't touch the sides or each other!

Parachute SOS

Parachute SOS Save the parachutists before they fall into the shark-infested waters! Keep them up in the air until they can get to the helicopter and be saved.

Square Evasion Championship

Square Evasion Championship Fly through space, the desert, the forest, or any of seven backgrounds while evading squares!

Fish Ball

Fish Ball Rotate the ring on the screen to adjust how the ball will bounce! Hit the fish with it to eliminate them! Get rid of all the fish to move on!

Crazy Raccoon

Crazy Raccoon Help the crazy raccoon destroy the invading alien spacecrafts! Collect bonuses, points, and avoid electric power stations, and jumping mines!

Brave Firefighter

Brave Firefighter Put out the fires before they spread and destroy more parts of the buildings! Get the blazes under control before time runs out!

Super Jet Cliff

Super Jet Cliff Use your jet pack to collect the climbers and the fuel along the side of the cliff! Avoid the rocks and don't run out of fuel!

Girigiri Run

Girigiri Run Jojoja the samurai has stolen Onionis favourite food: Girigiri. Help Onioni get his Girigiri back! Avoid all the obstacles, and dont get caught!

War at Kitchen

War at Kitchen Avoid the microbes all around you as you collect stars and power-ups. Don't get infected by too many microbes or you'll lose a life!

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