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Graphics Adventures Games:

Check out all the Graphics Adventures Games has to offer. We've got games that everyone wants to play! Just click on a game below to start playing. All Flash Games, Shockwave Games, and Java Games are free to play.

Lost on the Lost Planet

Lost on the Lost Planet You first jetpack lesson has suffered a malfunction! Will you ever find your way back to your dear old dad? Explore the lost planet and find out.

Tortuga 3

Tortuga 3 Yar! This escape game is just teeming with pirate life. So shiver your timbers and see about escaping the pirate island of Tortuga!

Chewie's Adventure

Chewie's Adventure Chewie the Chewitsaurus is on the hunt for his favorite treat, Chewits! Help him chomp his way out of the trouble he's gotten himself into!

Candy Raver

Candy Raver Leap over spinning blades and into fans to collect all the delicious candy in each level! If you get all the candy a door will appear!

Sonya the Spy

Sonya the Spy Help the crafty Sonya the Spy infiltrate CERN and steal the antimatter! Get her in and out safely with the loot in tow.

Civet's Odyssey

Civet's Odyssey A gust of wind has taken the belongings of Civet's two best friends. Help one of his friends recover their missing item by exploring this world!

Pig Nukem

Pig Nukem Alien are invading and the world is now filled with alien zombie pigs! The farm is on fire and it's up to you to escape with your life!


Knubs Hop through levels collecting golden gems for points! Avoid enemies or squash them flat! Unlock new skills as you go!


Ozee Help Ozee run, jump, push, and pull his way through level after level. Move some objects to help him on his way in this platformer game.

Kees Adventure 3

Kees Adventure 3 Oh no, Kees has teleported to a strange town! Help him get the people what they want so that he can get the teleporting statue working again!

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