• XudokuXudoku
    Just when you thought that Sudoku couldn't get any better, Xudoku comes along! Try this version with more challenging puzzles to solve!

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your top 5 favorite games

  • Block PuzzleBlock Puzzle
    Can you fit all of the blocks in the Frame? It is harder than it looks.
  • Crusade 2Crusade 2
    The crusades are back with more castles to knock down and more levels to complete! Aim your cannon well and take them out!
  • MazeMaze
    This is a neat maze game. It's even 3-D!!
  • SnowboarderSnowboarder
    This game has good graphics, and good sound, remember to look out for the trees, and hit all of the jumps.

additional favorite games

    you haven't added any games!