• Photo FrenzyPhoto Frenzy
    Find the five differences in two pictures before the time runs out!

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your top 5 favorite games

  • 6 Differences6 Differences
    Find the six differences between two pictures in several interactive puzzles!
  • Color MixerColor Mixer
    Choose your mode and difficulty, and then get to mixing colors! Add the right amounts of each color to get them to combine and create your goal!
  • Hairdressing Salon for Bald MenHairdressing Salon for Bald Men
    Match customers with their perfect wig! Look carefully at the wigs and the individuals, then match the bald men to the wig for them!
  • Magic PenMagic Pen
    Use the basic rules of gravity, friction, and inertia as you draw shapes to try and move the red ball to collect the red flags in each level.

additional favorite games

  • 15 Puzzle15 Puzzle
    This is the classic number slider. Good detail and sound.
  • Alien HatcheryAlien Hatchery
    Match three or more eggs up in a row and hatch the little aliens. But don't let them stack up too high or the eggs will break!
  • Blox ForeverBlox Forever
    The brother to the original Blox, but this one is a little better. The only way to know is to play it here!
  • Bounce OutBounce Out
    In this straight forward, yet fun game, just swap the colored balls around to make three or more in a row.
  • Car JamCar Jam
    This is a fun game!! Can you get the car out of the parking lot with a limited number of moves.
  • ChronotronChronotron
    Work with past versions of yourself to press down buttons, open doors, and solve the puzzle to complete the level.
  • Coffee With ColorsCoffee With Colors
    Move each coffee cup to the saucer of the same color! Cups can only be moved along the lines connecting saucers, get them all where they belong.