• WordsWords
    Unscramble letters to create words from one of seven categories: Musical Artists, Animals, Drinks, Food, Actors, Countries, or Hostorical People!

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your top 5 favorite games

  • Alphabet JungleAlphabet Jungle
    Oh no! You're going to be boiled alive unless you can make words out of scrambled letters. Race to create words to keep from being eaten!
  • Mystic WordsMystic Words
    Test your quick word building skills in this multi-level mystical game. Get on task and crack words as fast as you can.
  • SlotsSlots
    It's just like the real thing! You can either hit the button or pull the arm. This game looks great plays great and is a whole lot of fun!
  • Text TwistText Twist
    Word play is made awesome with this game. Check it out and try to rearrange the letters to make as many words as you can before time runs out!

additional favorite games

  • Video PokerVideo Poker
    This is another great casino game. You can play this by the hours (I won't tell).