• StackopolisStackopolis
    Who thought stacking blocks could be so fun. Try and create the structure from the blueprint as quickly as possible.

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your top 5 favorite games

  • BridgesBridges
    The ultimate challenger. Make it across the board before the computer makes it down the board. Who will it be?
  • Cyber Mice PartyCyber Mice Party
    Become a mouse wrangler in this crazy puzzler! Guide the mice to the cheese wheel to win the level, but watch out for traps!
  • GlinxGlinx
    Try to make a train of pieces to clear them from the board. It's also fun to try to and see how many pieces you can get in a single chain.
  • Spin The Black CircleSpin The Black Circle
    This takes puzzle games in a whole new direction, circular! Try and rotate the maze around and make it to the finish.

additional favorite games

  • Jurassic RealmJurassic Realm
    Explore prehistoric lands in this blockbusting dinosaur-age puzzle.
  • KinetikzKinetikz
    Get the puck into the target in this fun and addictive skill game.
  • Magic PenMagic Pen
    Use the basic rules of gravity, friction, and inertia as you draw shapes to try and move the red ball to collect the red flags in each level.