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your top 5 favorite games

  • 15 Puzzle15 Puzzle
    This is the classic number slider. Good detail and sound.
  • 3D Buggy Racing3D Buggy Racing
    Choose your car color and location and race against the computer! Win first place to unlock more 3D tracks!
  • 3D Car Racing3D Car Racing
    Race around a three-dimensional track! Win races to unlock new tracks! Ready, set, go!
  • 3D Micro Wars3D Micro Wars
    Participate in the Micro Wars! Kill all enemies and build up weapons! Use awesome special moves to wipe everyone out!

additional favorite games

  • 30 Seconds30 Seconds
    See how fast your brain can process in this clicking frenzy! Quickly click the differently colored ring segments! How many can you click?
  • 3D Blox3D Blox
    Karl does it again, more great graphics, and awesome game play its one of his best yet!!
  • 3D Buggy Racing3D Buggy Racing
    Choose your car color and location and race against the computer! Win first place to unlock more 3D tracks!
  • 3D Car Racing3D Car Racing
    Race around a three-dimensional track! Win races to unlock new tracks! Ready, set, go!
  • 3D Micro Wars3D Micro Wars
    Participate in the Micro Wars! Kill all enemies and build up weapons! Use awesome special moves to wipe everyone out!
  • 3D Minesweeper3D Minesweeper
    Similar to the windows game mindsweep, but in 3D!
  • 3D Motorcycle Race3D Motorcycle Race
    Race around the track! Complete three laps to get a chance to enter your name into the best times score table!
  • 4 Elements4 Elements
    Help the fairy to restore the magic to four ancient spellbooks! Play your way through several levels to remove the bonds of evil!
  • 4PM4PM
    Snatch biscuits as they rain from the sky at teatime! Stack them as high as possible as quickly as you can!
  • 4th and Goal4th and Goal
    Make your way down the field trying to score a touchdown within four downs before the ball gets turned over to the computer!
  • 6 Differences6 Differences
    Find the six differences between two pictures in several interactive puzzles!
  • 60 Second Shootout60 Second Shootout
    Score as many points as you can in just sixty seconds! Launch the water balloon off the wire and past the spiky defender to gain points!
  • 60 Seconds Dash60 Seconds Dash
    See how far you can launch the cannon in sixty seconds! Press the correct keys in order to keep the cannon flying through the air!
  • 7 Chances7 Chances
    Figure out the name of the famous Hollywood or Bollywood actor or movie in this hangman-like game! You have seven chances to make a mistake!
  • 8 Bit Junkie8 Bit Junkie
    Unlock six different levels of 8-bit awesomeness! Play these new variations of old school games in a frenzy! Can you manage to unlock them all?
  • 9 Ball Clear Up9 Ball Clear Up
    Get all the balls in pockets as fast as possible! Get bonuses for potting the balls in order, for your best break, and for accurate potting!
  • A Guinea Pig AdventureA Guinea Pig Adventure
    Guide Charlie the guinea pig through a maze of levels. Solve puzzles by collecting carrots!
  • A Ninja GameA Ninja Game
    Move the ninjas carefully to the goals, but avoid the traps along the way! The arrows move all the ninjas simultaneously!
  • A220 Mission 1A220 Mission 1
    A mini space shooter that will keep you entertained! Get to the other side of the moon, if you can!
    Poor AIB! Fruit just doesn't like him! Try to dodge the flying fruit as it hurls itself at you.
  • Absolute ZeroAbsolute Zero
    Fly through space rescuing astronauts and collecting health packs. Don't let your ship get destroyed by enemy ships or asteroids!
  • Abstract ArcadeAbstract Arcade
    Fight off the shapes in this classic shooting-style arcade game! Get power-up items to help you stay alive!
  • AdventureAdventure
    The original adventure game that started it all.
  • AdventurelandAdventureland
    Wander through an enchanted realm uncovering 13 lost treasures. There are wild animals and magical beings to reckon with! (Difficulty: Moderate)
  • AequilibriumAequilibrium
    Clear the red items from the board while keeping the rest of the blocks in balance! Don't let them fall to the ground as you clear out the red!
  • Aerial AvengerAerial Avenger
    You're the only survivor who can blast the rebel forces out of the sky! Fly your plane while shooting down enemies!
  • Aerial MahjongAerial Mahjong
    Become a master of MahJong in the incredible aerial land!
  • African Lounge EscapeAfrican Lounge Escape
    You've found yourself trapped in a mysterious African lounge! Use the objects within to solve puzzles and find your way out.
  • AftermathAftermath
    Witness the aftermath of a woman's murder! Help her husband get his revenge on the gangsters who killed her!
  • Agent Platformer 2Agent Platformer 2
    Make this agent fly as you jetpack your way through 20 levels of intense coin collection. Think its easy, pump it up to the hard difficulty then!
  • AgytaAgyta
    Travel with Limith, a delivery-boy, on his journey to Agyta, a new planet! He must find his way through the world and deliver the package!
  • Air HostessAir Hostess
    Serve the every need and whim of customers on an airplane! Get them drinks, meals, and even hot towels! Life is hectic as an Air Hostess!
  • Air Traffic ChiefAir Traffic Chief
    Land aircrafts one either runway and avoid collisions between planes and helicopters! Land the planes and keep the passengers safe!
  • AirDropAirDrop
    Leap from an airplane and collect coins on your way down! Avoid hitting the walls! A faster fall gets you more points, but a slower one is safer!
  • AirborneAirborne
    Use your slingshot to knock down balloons before they cross the line! Use a variety of weapons and upgrade between levels to get more balloons!
  • Airborne ProAirborne Pro
    Arm yourself with various weapons and ammunition, and shoot down as many balloons as you can. Shoot money and health to extend your game.
  • Airport TycoonAirport Tycoon
    Think you have what it takes to run an airport? Find out! Buy destinations, improve food quality, even pay to fix the runways!
  • Alex the AdventurerAlex the Adventurer
    Make your way through the dark rainy night on the quest to find your lost marbles. Common sense and a little luck with guide you through.
  • AlexTraxAlexTrax
    Help Alex travel on his bicycle! Bike over hills and peaks! Get the key to unlock the exit, and then get back to the exit to move on!
  • AliceAlice
    Can you spot the differences in this game inspired by Alice's adventures in Wonderland? Not your classic split-screen, some images are mirrored!
  • Alien AbductionAlien Abduction
    Get items from Earth back into the mothership without getting your ship destroyed! Collect the required number of creatures to move on!
  • Alien CraftAlien Craft
    You are the only hope for all Earth citizens! Your brave soldiers and powerful tanks are waiting for your commands to smash those evildoers!
  • Alien GuardAlien Guard
    Help Nanny take out all the evil aliens! Shoot them down before they attack you with their dynamite!
  • Alien HatcheryAlien Hatchery
    Match three or more eggs up in a row and hatch the little aliens. But don't let them stack up too high or the eggs will break!
  • Alien ParatroopersAlien Paratroopers
    The general has taken control of the aliens and now he's invading Earth! Fight off the invading aliens and keep them from taking over!
  • Alien RoverAlien Rover
    Help the alien rover travel planets, making repairs and rescues as needed! Collect green goo for cash to upgrade between levels.
  • Alien SOSAlien SOS
    An alien has been blasted off his home planet and crash landed on Earth! The only thing he has is a particle gun. Guide him to his ship!
  • Aliens BustedAliens Busted
    It's 2099 and humans and aliens have learned to coexist, but some aliens are trying to take over, it's up to Agent Scully to stop them!
  • All In 15All In 15
    Try to clear the board before time runs up, but there's a catch. You can only clear 15 points at a time!
  • Alone in the KitchenAlone in the Kitchen
    You're alone in the kitchen and you've got to combine the ingredients to make tasty recipes! Put the right stuff in and blend it up!
  • Alphabet JungleAlphabet Jungle
    Oh no! You're going to be boiled alive unless you can make words out of scrambled letters. Race to create words to keep from being eaten!
  • AlphabreakicalAlphabreakical
    Break your way through the alphabet in this classic arcade game! Aim for the star block for extra points! See how far you can get, we got to I!
  • AlpineAlpine
    Put on some warm cloths, wax your skies, and get ready for some great downhill skiing. There are several runs to pick from and a high score list!
  • Amazing NimAmazing Nim
    Play against the computer, or your friends. Either way its challenging, and fun. With multiple games you can play over and over again!
  • Amazons SolitaireAmazons Solitaire
    Take this quick and fun solitaire game for a spin, end with all the queens showing to win.
  • Ambient ParadeAmbient Parade
    Fly around destroying the same colored targets to rack up big points while trying to avoid the rotating walls.
  • Ambulance FrenzyAmbulance Frenzy
    Race the ambulance to pick up the patients and bring them back to the hospital! Don't crash or lose a patient or it's game over!
  • AmilAmil
    Amil's friends' pets have fallen into a deep hole, help him explore the world so that he can bring them back to the surface!
  • AmzulaAmzula
    Fill all of the slots with three balls of the designated color and defend them against the evil scorpions! Spike the scorpions with your shield!
  • Ancient AlchemyAncient Alchemy
    Click on the face that matches the number to fill up the shape before the hourglass runs out of time! Rotate the shape to see all the sides.
  • Ancient ColumnsAncient Columns
    Uncover ancient secrets in this fun puzzler! Arrange columns so that blocks of the same color are in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal groups!
  • Ancient StonesAncient Stones
    This match-three game gives you the option of playing in stalagmite or stalactite mode! Keep the screen from filling up as long as you can!
  • Andro Kids 2Andro Kids 2
    Collect the key and make it to the exit! Use the power-ups available to help you along the way! Use them wisely and you'll get to the next level!
  • Antarctic RacerAntarctic Racer
    Help the little penguin race down a snowy hill on his belly! Collect yummy fish, but avoid trees and boxes which will hurt him and slow him down!
  • Anti AirAnti Air
    Blast jets out of the sky in your sturdy tank! Get speed boosts, health packs, and shields from the wreckage! Don't get hit by too many bombs!
  • Antidote: PandemiaAntidote: Pandemia
    A nano robot called Antidote must protect human body from viral attacks. Combine of weapons to save humanity from these vicious attackers!
  • Ants SurvivorAnts Survivor
    Help the ants defend their home colony against invading bug enemies! Blast the enemies with your laser and collect what they leave behind!
  • Apple DefenderApple Defender
    Save your apple-trees from those awful, hungry worms! Build turrets to defend your trees and keep the worms at bay!
  • Aqua BotsAqua Bots
    Navigate the Aqua Bots through treacherous waters! Shoot mines out of the way, but be careful, you're controlling two at once!
  • AquacubesAquacubes
    Help your submarine make groups of four or more of the same color to make the blocks disappear and gain fuel! Fill your fuel gauge to go on!
  • Aquarium LifeAquarium Life
    Spot the differences between two moving aquariums! Rack up the points in level after level as the pretty fish swim to and fro.
  • Aquarium Scoop HotshotAquarium Scoop Hotshot
    You're the new fish-scooper at the local aquarium! Master the art of quickly scooping fish and keeping customers happy!
  • AqunoAquno
    Ever played a classic card game underwater? Well here's your chance! Try to get rid of your cards before your opponent does!
  • Araldite RaceAraldite Race
    Race your car through the course and try not to knock down cones! Don't let your car overheat or it's game over!
  • Arcane The Armor CollectorArcane The Armor Collector
    Follow Arcane on his journey through gladiator school, then go out and fight battles! Win battles to earn money to buy better armor and weaponry!
  • ArcanistsArcanists
    Battle dragons, and other creatures in this test of cunning, skill and determination! Rise to the top, become the greatest Arcanist of all time!
  • Area Flat2Area Flat2
    This is a great shooter, the game play is real busy and the stages only get better with time. It has a high score list too.
  • Ark InvadersArk Invaders
    Use the ball and paddle to destroy the invading space-ships! Get power-ups to help get rid of the aliens!
  • Armed With WingsArmed With Wings
    Take your trusted eagle with you to destroy the enemy as you reclaim lost lands solving puzzles in this action packed platformer.
  • Armored WarArmored War
    Use your arsenal to blow away the other tanks! Collect gold bars and gems for cash to spend! Even shooting costs cash so make those shots count!
  • Armoured AssaultArmoured Assault
    Protect yourself from enemy trucks and tanks in this Armoured Assault! As the game progresses, so does your arsenal!
  • Arms DealerArms Dealer
    Get as much money as you can by buying and selling weapons! Find out where the buying is cheap and the selling will make you a bundle!
  • Army of DestructionArmy of Destruction
    Don't let your base be destroyed! Armies are launching wave after wave of deadly attacks and only you can defend the base! Blow up your enemies!
  • Around the World in 80 DaysAround the World in 80 Days
    Travel back to Victorian times and get ready for spectacular adventures in this great looking match 3 game!
  • Art of War: El-AlameinArt of War: El-Alamein
    Defend your car from nazi enemies as you race across the desert to warn your allies of an impending attack! Can you make it to El-Alamein alive?
  • As3teroidsAs3teroids
    Blast those pesky cubes with vengeance as you make your way through the levels of this classic shooter reborn.
  • Ascendant StormAscendant Storm
    Try to stay alive as you rough-it in this RPG where you take control of a party of scavengers in a rich sci-fi world exploring a world of danger.
  • Assault Typing PoweredAssault Typing Powered
    Quickly type the words on enemy planes and rockets to launch missiles at them before they blast you to smithereens!
  • AsteriodaseAsteriodase
    You're an automatic mining robot, mine in the nearby asteroid field! Don't let the asteroids get your base, but get the drones out to them!
  • Asteroid AdventureAsteroid Adventure
    Fire up your engines for this old school remake. Blast the space rocks and get sweet power ups! This game is nice and clean come give it a spin.
  • Asteroid's Revenge EnhancedAsteroid's Revenge Enhanced
    Take back space! Fight as an asteroid to defend yourself against invading ships! Destroy the ships before they destroy you!
  • Astro DogAstro Dog
    Help Astro-Dog collect rocket parts, fuel, and provisions to get ready for many adventures in space shooting UFOs, crabs, and asteroids!
  • Astro KidAstro Kid
    Help Astro Kid get from the purple portal to the blue portal! Cross four different terrains, meet robots and aliens!
  • Astro MonkeyAstro Monkey
    Monkey goes to outer-space to protect Earth from the evil aliens! Blast them out of the sky while collecting coins and power-ups from the debris!
  • Atlantis QuestAtlantis Quest
    Are you ready for an exciting quest of adventure and discovery? Embark on a journey around ancient lands searching for the lost city of Atlantis.
  • Atom SphereAtom Sphere
    Blast the pesky enemy missiles before they destroy your bases. Use upgrades to save the village quickly and earn even more points.
  • Atomik KaosAtomik Kaos
    Follow the instructions given to you to create appropriate reactions! Make atoms explode and cause reactions!
  • AtomixAtomix
    Play 25 levels of atomic fun! Make molecules out of the free atoms floating around! Create the specified molecule to move on to the next level!
  • Attack of the Furries 2Attack of the Furries 2
    The furries are attacking again and it's up to you to defend your home against them! Place turrets along the path to stop them in their tracks!
  • Auld Lang Syne SolitaireAuld Lang Syne Solitaire
    Try your hand at this crazy Solitaire game where suits don't matter...only luck does!
  • Avalanche AnarchyAvalanche Anarchy
    Race down the mountain to beat the avalanche! Collect fuel along the way and boost through the icy wasteland on the path to victory!
  • Avoid the Laser 2Avoid the Laser 2
    Collect the power-up dots but be careful and don't get hit by the dangerous part of the laser! Go through the blue part of the laser safely!
  • Aztec MahjongAztec Mahjong
    Archaeologists have discovered Aztec mahjong tiles! Play your way through a variety of tile setups with an Aztec theme!
  • Azul BaronisAzul Baronis
    Your plans to enslave the whole universe are being stopped by a group of fighters. You must fight back to maintain your position as dictator!
  • BBQ Hero 2BBQ Hero 2
    Who knew grilling for your family could be so complicated? Cook food to perfection while making sure Hungry Harry doesn't steal anybody's lunch!
  • Babbit and BallBabbit and Ball
    Bounce the ball off of Babbit! Make Babbit jump into the ball to gain points, but lose points if the ball hits the ground!
  • Baby BlimpBaby Blimp
    In Baby Blimp you are the Stork Manager, responsible for the production line as well as the distribution of babies all over the world!
  • Baby BoomBaby Boom
    Take care of four babies at once! Can you handle it? Give the babies what they need! Make sure they don't cry too long or you'll lose a life!
  • BabyCareDeluxeBabyCareDeluxe
    Help make sure a baby grows up well! Tend to her every need, making sure she has enough fun but also learns and stays clean and well fed!
  • BaccaratBaccarat
    Who doesn't love another Baccarat game challenge?
  • Back To The LightBack To The Light
    Robo is stuck in this cold, dark, world with the absence of color in his life. He is willing to go to great lengths to find the ultimate light.
  • Bad OctoBad Octo
    Stop Bad Octo from bullying the other sea creatures! Bad Octo is a mean purple octopus, you must hit him with the pearls to stop him!
  • Bad PixelBad Pixel
    Bounce the bad pixel over to the blue area! Aim the arrow and choose the intensity and bounce away!
  • Bad SectorBad Sector
    Group particles in groups of three to make them disappear or line the whole ring with one color for mega bonus points!
  • BalanceBalance
    Keep the box from sliding to either end of the platform! Be careful though, balls will rain from the sky to knock you off balance!
  • Balance FuryBalance Fury
    See how many blocks you can balance on the beam! Don't let it tip because if one falls it's game over!
  • Balance Of PowerBalance Of Power
    Convert the enemy pieces to win this unique and addictive turn based strategy game. Three levels of difficulty. One and two player modes.
  • Balance ZoneBalance Zone
    Get both sides to stay in the balance zone! Add blocks to each side to balance the weight! Keep them balanced to move on to the next level!
  • BalantrisBalantris
    How many blocks can you balance beneath the red line? Stack them carefully to maximize space, but keep them balanced or the beam will fall!
  • Ball BusterBall Buster
    Avoid being hit by other balls! Move quickly and watch where you're going! Each new level adds a ball so stay alert!
  • Ball Drop OneBall Drop One
    Carefully drop the black ball to try to bounce it as much as possible and get the highest score for each round!
  • Ball MasterBall Master
    Test your soccer skills in this tricky juggling challenge! Try to bounce the ball many times as quickly as possible!
  • Ball Revamped 2: MetaphysikBall Revamped 2: Metaphysik
    Keep the ball under control with crazy physics while trying to get to the warp square!
  • Ball StoryBall Story
    Make all the blocks disappear by hitting them with the right colored ball! Hit the colored bases to change the ball to that color!
  • BalleroBallero
    Can you connect the balls together to eliminate all of them? Aim them carefully and avoid obstacles! Use the balls to bash others into groups!
  • Ballies ShootBallies Shoot
    Clear the board as you blast the balls out of the way and collect the fruits and bombs that fall from within them to rack up the points!
  • Ballistic BiscuitBallistic Biscuit
    If you just have a little time and you want to play a fun game this is the one for you. Watch out for all of the things floating in the water!
  • BallomaniaBallomania
    Rack up as many points as you can by launching the ball into the screen! Bounce off of circles for bonuses and land in multipliers for more!
  • Balloon BlastBalloon Blast
    Splash passers-by with water balloons! The more you splash, the more points you get! Timing is everything in this simple game!
  • Balloon ExpressBalloon Express
    Ride in style on the Balloon Express! Fly in a hot air balloon avoiding obstacles and delivering packages in this pleasant scrolling game!
  • Balloon Headed BoyBalloon Headed Boy
    Help the balloon-headed boy save the balloons in balloon town from the sinister storm! Travel through 36 levels collecting balloons and flowers!
  • Balloon RacerBalloon Racer
    Fly in a balloon across time! Experience the years from a place in the sky! Navigate yourself through time and beat the clock in all 20 levels!
  • BallooppaBallooppa
    Kick three balls through the hoop before time runs out! Avoid hitting things like the neighbors on their lawnmowers or the cute little squirrels!
  • BallphabetsBallphabets
    An alphabet game? Yep, click through the ABC's as quickly as possible to reach the next level. See how well you really know them!
  • BamBloxBamBlox
    Try and break all blue glass blocks without disturbing the red glass blocks or you'll shatter your chances of winning!
  • Banana DashBanana Dash
    Dash through levels collecting bananas, the monkey's favorite treat! Reach the cannon before too much time has passed!
  • Banana FlipBanana Flip
    Collect bunches of bananas without being hit by the falling bullets! Jump on the big button in the middle to reverse gravity!
  • Banana LureBanana Lure
    Help the monkey climb to the top of the tree to get to the stash of all the bananas! Dodge the bad mushrooms and collect the good ones.
  • Bandit GunslingersBandit Gunslingers
    Shoot the bandits before they shoot you! Find their leader and shoot him too! Jump and duck to avoid obstacles and stay on the moving train!
  • Bandit LudoBandit Ludo
    Be the first to get all four of your pawns to Fiesta in this Parcheesi-like game. Be careful though, enemies can send you back to your home!
  • Bang BallBang Ball
    Bounce from platform to platform without falling off! If you miss a platform you get one free air-jump between bounces! How long can you survive?
  • Barney's Boxes: Beach MayhemBarney's Boxes: Beach Mayhem
    Barney has gotten himself stuck on a remote group of islands. Help him put the boxes into the correct positions to go onto the next levels.
  • Base JumpingBase Jumping
    This game, is great! Check it out, simplicity at its best. Can you beat the all-time high score?
  • BasementBasement
    The man fell into the basement! Help the him find his way out by setting off bombs and jumping over water as he travels from level to level.
  • Basket Ball 2Basket Ball 2
    Shoot the basket-ball over the obstacles and get it in the hoop! You may have to bounce it in so aim carefully and make the shot!
  • Bass GetBass Get
    This is a great fishing game, with excellent graphics, and good game play. It has Lure settings, settings for the day's fishing plus many more!
  • Bat PangBat Pang
    Blast the balls that bounce around the screen! When you hit a ball, it will split into two smaller balls until they are small enough to destroy.
  • Battle TankBattle Tank
    Get ready to climb in your very own tank and take on the world. Make sure you use the buildings to your advantage.
  • BattlenoidBattlenoid
    Capture a majority of grey blocks to win! Build towers of green tiles to turn grey blocks green! Use the paddle to aim and direct the ball!
  • BattleshipsBattleships
    Play classic battleship in single shot, triple shot, salvo, or volley modes! Take out your opponent's hidden ships before they destroy yours!
  • BazookiBazooki
    Destroy all the barrels as quickly as you can! Avoid the bomb at all costs, use your bazooka to bounce or shoot and blow up the barrels!
  • Beach ReversiBeach Reversi
    Play classic Reversi with a beach theme! Each round is more challenging than the last! Hone your reversi skills and enjoy yourself while you do!
  • Beat the BankerBeat the Banker
    Carefully choose cases to open to try to win yourself a million dollars! Is it worth taking the banker's offer, or should you keep opening cases?
  • Bee StingBee Sting
    A cute game in which you try to click the flower while avoiding the bee from stinging you!
  • Beetle WarsBeetle Wars
    Survive the onslaught of hostile beetle enemies while finishing objectives! Can you survive the pinchers, the bombers, and many other beetles?!
  • Being OneBeing One
    You awake in a strange vat in a disturbing laboratory. You have no idea who you are, where you are or even WHAT you are! Escape the lab!
  • BejegulBejegul
    An excellent combination of puzzle game and math. Choose the correct numbers to solve the equation before time runs out!
  • BellipaxBellipax
    Well this is a fun strategy game where you have to compete with the computer to gain control of different territories.
  • Ben 10: Top GunBen 10: Top Gun
    Oh no, Grandpa has been kidnapped by an evil enemy! Play as Ben 10 or Gwen as you try to rescue Grandpa and defeat the evil Vilgax
  • Ben 10: UnderworldBen 10: Underworld
    The Evil Kevin suddenly appeared and kidnapped Gwen! Help Ben fight his way through the massive underworld before it's too late to save Gwen!
  • Bench RestBench Rest
    Good shooting game. Lets see how good of a shot you are.
  • Bermuda TrianglesBermuda Triangles
    Fill each small triangle with numbers 1 through 9 in this sudoku-like game! Numbers 1-9 must also be in the outer legs and the inner legs!
  • Best Friends ForeverBest Friends Forever
    Use teamwork as you try to work together and make it to the exit. Control all 3 of your friends to make it happen in this clever platformer.
  • Big Bank Robbery 2.0Big Bank Robbery 2.0
    Sneak your way past all the sensors and puzzles to rob all 24 new banks in this skill puzzle game! Make it from the safe to the exit in time!
  • Big DiamondBig Diamond
    Collect jewels as you make your way to the Big Diamond. Can you shoot the other balls off the table and earn it?
  • Big Fish HuntingBig Fish Hunting
    Jump in this great looking game and catch some fish. See how many you can catch before time runs out!
  • Big Truck Adventure 2Big Truck Adventure 2
    Race with a truckload of cargo from one checkpoint to the next. Don't drive too recklessly or you'll lose your cargo!
  • Big Truck Adventures 3Big Truck Adventures 3
    Blast through the course as you try and get to the checkpoint quickly performing aerial stunts and collecting gold crosses before time runs out.
  • BiggificationBiggification
    Touch an orb with yours to destroy it! The smaller the orb is, the more points you get! Don't let any of the orbs touch each other!
  • Biking BeautyBiking Beauty
    Help the biking beauty make it through many obstacle courses on her bike! Help her ride as fast as she can to reach the end of each level!
  • Bill The DemonBill The Demon
    You play as Bill, the screaming demon. Your goal is to get through the cavernous maze and get the autograph of Satan!
  • BioLinesBioLines
    Place the furry creatures in lines of five or more of the same color to make them disappear, but be careful, more will appear after every move!
  • BiomassBiomass
    Synthesize cells to create food for the starving population! Infect cells with happiness and energy to feed the hungry humans!
  • BiomexBiomex
    See how you fare in a series of mini-game levels! If you fail one you must try again till you get it! Shoot, match, drag, and much more!
  • BirdiesBirdies
    Find the differences between many sets of beautiful birdies! If you get stuck, get a hint! The quicker you click, the more points you get.
  • Bisley SolitaireBisley Solitaire
    Play a solitaire game with options, build up the foundations in either pile to clear the game!
  • Bite FightBite Fight
    The everlasting fight of vampires vs. werewolves rages on and now you can be a part of it! Attack others to gain gold and defend your side!
  • Black HeelBlack Heel
    Test your visual memory! Click on the dot which is new in each round! How many dots can you get on the screen before you forget?
  • Black Hole BlasterBlack Hole Blaster
    Launch the comet into the center of the black hole! Choose from two game modes in this space-themed sport!
  • Black JackBlack Jack
    This is the best BlackJack game on the web. It has superior graphics and gameplay. If this doen't get you ready for the real thing nothing will!
  • Black White CarBlack White Car
    Drive the black and white car! Have the helicopter lift you over rocks, and burrow underground to avoid rocks and birds!
  • Black n OrangeBlack n Orange
    Guide the bouncy-star to all the targets! Each target gives it an extra boost! Don't let it fall down into the spikes or you will lose!
  • Blackbeard DownBlackbeard Down
    Aim true to knock the targets off of enemy ships to win! As you go on, attack larger ships with more targets! Can you last on the high seas?
  • Blackhole SolitaireBlackhole Solitaire
    This one takes solitaire to a new level, just try to clear all your cards!
  • BlackjackPrisonBreakBlackjackPrisonBreak
    Use your blackjack skills to break out of prison! Use the shuffle to change the numbers if you get stuck, but use it wisely! Don't get caught!
  • Blast Billiards GoldBlast Billiards Gold
    Play your way through many types of billiards! Progress from simple snooker to the most difficult trick shots! Each level is a new challenge!
  • Blast WaveBlast Wave
    The happy square chaps have asked you to dispel these angry circle misfits back to where they came from and make space happy again!
  • Blasting AgentBlasting Agent
    Unlock new missions by traveling through the levels collecting coins and destroying your robot enemies! Don't lose all your hearts or you'll die!
  • BlastroBlastro
    Fly through space shooting down enemies! Don't let them defeat you! Blast them out of the sky!
  • BlindBlind
    Find your way through the level with very limited vision! Watch the circle around you and throw your ball to get an idea of your surroundings.
  • Blitz BombingBlitz Bombing
    Drop bombs to eliminate buildings before your plane would fly into them! Timing is everything because you can only drop one bomb at a time!
  • Blob BomberBlob Bomber
    Mysterious candy blobs have started spreading all over! You must use your special bomb ship to destroy them! Quickly blast all the candy blobs!
  • Blob In SpaceBlob In Space
    Blobs are swiftly moving all over in space! It's up to you to catch as many of them as you can before they move on to other places!
  • Block BlasterBlock Blaster
    It's Arkanoid to the next level! Try out this fun remake of the classic block busting game in a new crazy style.
  • Block PuzzleBlock Puzzle
    Can you fit all of the blocks in the Frame? It is harder than it looks.
  • Block SmasherBlock Smasher
    A new spin on a classic arcade game! Bounce the ball back and forth and hit the blocks! Collect power-ups to eliminate all the blocks!
  • Blockade BusterBlockade Buster
    A real awesome flying/shooting game with great controls, levels, sound, and graphics. This game is truly addicting.
  • BlockiesBlockies
    Don't let the falling blocks reach the top of the screen! Click groups of three or more and use power-ups to make them disappear!
  • BlockobanBlockoban
    Blockoban is a challenging puzzle game with many levels! Try to complete each one in as few moves as possible!
  • BlocksBlocks
    Use the paint tool to paint gray blocks! Place non-paintable blocks to stop paint from spreading! Fill in the required number of blocks to win!
  • Blocks Blocks 2Blocks Blocks 2
    Place the blocks, balls, and other shapes so that they will settle and allow you to reach the other side of the screen! Use your inventory!
  • BlowfishBlowfish
    Arrange blowfish in groups of 3 or more of the same color to make them disappear. Be sure to finish each level before the time runs out!
  • BloxBlox
    Who would think playing with blocks could be so much fun, click here to see for yourself!
  • Blox ForeverBlox Forever
    The brother to the original Blox, but this one is a little better. The only way to know is to play it here!
  • BluepBluep
    Try and blast the other bubble enemies before they get you. And oh, watch out for the lasers!
  • Boat RushBoat Rush
    Can you navigate a longboat though a narrow, curving river? Take the turns carefully and don't accelerate too quickly and you'll ace this game!
  • Bob Lucky FishBob Lucky Fish
    Find the differences and make puzzle. Help the parents to find their lost son in this spot-the-differences game with jigsaw elements!
  • BobulousBobulous
    Help Captain Bobulous eat as many enemies as he can! When he evolves he can eat bigger enemies, but avoid the ones that are bigger than him!
  • BolaNoidBolaNoid
    See how many balls you can keep bouncing at once! It gets harder and harder with each ball! Don't let all of them fall or it's game over!
  • Bomb EscapeBomb Escape
    Move your plane away from the bombs! Keep moving to keep it safe! Can you keep from getting bombed long enough to beat each level?
  • Bomb-A-BombBomb-A-Bomb
    Detonate your way through 40 levels of explosive mayhem. Unlock new bomb types as you try to create as many explosions as possible.
  • BombardmentBombardment
    Use five different types of bombs to destroy the evil alien population! Look at the items in each level to determine which bombs to use!
  • BombatorsBombators
    Blast the other players with your bombs as you play through this Bomberman remake. Gather your friends and see who can survive the longest!
  • Bombchain UnlimitedBombchain Unlimited
    Place all the bombs on the stage so that when one explodes a chain-reaction causes all the bombs to explode.
  • BombersBombers
    Use your mouse and your skill to beat these 4 little puzzles. If you are not fast enough, the bomb will get you.
  • Bombs 3 - ExpenseBombs 3 - Expense
    Use your explosive power to destroy huge amount of enemies as they bombard you from all directions.
  • Bombs UpBombs Up
    Defend the central planet against invading ships! Blast them to smithereens! Collect the power ups they leave behind to improve your ship!
  • Bookcase BattleBookcase Battle
    Choose your warrior and your weapon and send him out to battle on the bookcases! Upgrade or trade in your weapons between levels.
  • BoomerangBoomerang
    Use a boomerang to collect your lunch! Knock all the fruit out of the trees so that you'll have a nice meal!
  • BoomerangerBoomeranger
    Become an expert at throwing a boomerang! Aim carefully and throw with just enough power to hit all the targets and without running out!
  • BoomsticKBoomsticK
    Try and get as many combos as possible to rack up huge points as you blast the flying shapes out of the sky. Once you run out of ammo that's it!
  • Bot RacingBot Racing
    Choose a robot, track, and upgrades and hit the highway! Race robots and see if you can come in first for extra points to increase your balance!
  • Boulder Basher 3Boulder Basher 3
    Expand your village and protect it from a host of vicious monsters! Keep buildings repaired and protected from boulder slingers and dragons!
  • Boulder DashBoulder Dash
    Another fun reason to play in the dirt. Get all the jewels without dropping objects on your head!
  • BounceBounce
    Steer clear of obstacles as you try and turn the power platforms green while trying to control a crazy little bouncing ball.
  • Bounce DownBounce Down
    Stay alive for as long as possible by avoiding the ceiling above and the furnace below!
  • Bounce OutBounce Out
    In this straight forward, yet fun game, just swap the colored balls around to make three or more in a row.
  • Bounceroid 2000Bounceroid 2000
    Sort falling balls by bouncing them to the side which matches them! Get power-ups for extra lives and balls!
  • Bouncin' Bop 5Bouncin' Bop 5
    Bouncin' Bop is a ball which never stops bouncing! Help him retrieve as many coins as possible while going through many different areas!
  • Bouncing BallsBouncing Balls
    Try to clear the board of balls! Shoot balls up to make existing balls disappear! Clear the board to move on to the next level!
  • Bouncing Balls 2Bouncing Balls 2
    Launch the balls to bounce all around! Try to get rid of all the pink balls in a level to move on! Get the green balls to control where you go!
  • BouncyBouncy
    Keep the balls bouncing! The more balls you have on the stage, the more points you get! But when a ball hits the ground, it's gone!
  • Bow Show 2Bow Show 2
    Shoot the arrow to properly hit a target! Aim carefully so that the arrow will fall in the right area! Hit the target enough times to move on!
  • Bowja 3 - Ninja KamiBowja 3 - Ninja Kami
    BOWJA IS BACK! This time it's his most important mission yet. Your favorite little ninja needs to save the Ninja Spirit and defeat the evil YOKAI
  • BowlerBowler
    Bowl ten frames in a 3D bowling alley! Choose your ball color and set on a quest to knock down those pesky red pins.
  • BowlingBowling
    This is a good Bowling game with nice graphics and fun to play! Score well and you will make it on the high score list!
  • Box 10 ATV 2Box 10 ATV 2
    Get to the finish line as quickly as possible without wrecking your ATV! Race over hills and slopes, jumping and crushing vehicles in your path!
  • Box 10 BMXBox 10 BMX
    Race through each level doing jumps and tricks to earn points! Try to land the tricks without crashing your bike!
  • Box 10 BrawlBox 10 Brawl
    Play against the computer or a friend! Choose your player and opponent and then fight in the temple, the desert or the city and see who wins!
  • Box 10 RallyBox 10 Rally
    Race around five different tracks in championship, challenge, and trial modes! You choose how you play! Beat other cars, or test your own skill!
  • Box 10 Top TruckBox 10 Top Truck
    Can you speed over other cars, beams, and hilsl to the fininsh line before time runs out? Collect cash and get repairs along the way!
  • Boxhead: The RoomsBoxhead: The Rooms
    Blast those block zombies before they attack you! It's an all-out rampage against the zombies while you try to stay alive.
  • Boxhead: The Zombie WarsBoxhead: The Zombie Wars
    The zombies are back for more in the Boxhead series. Blast those zombies back to the grave with all new weapons and new game types!
  • Brain BallBrain Ball
    Get the ball to the goal by answering trivia questions! If you get stuck, there are three help options to help you answer the question!
  • Brain Memory NatureBrain Memory Nature
    Work your way up through levels of increasingly difficult memory madness! Match the cards to make them disappear and clear the board to win.
  • Brain TestBrain Test
    Exercise your brain a little! Complete 5 types of mathematical, memory, logical and vocab tests in the shortest time possible!
  • Brain WorkoutBrain Workout
    Give your brain a workout by copying what the computer does! See how long you can continue without making a mistake!
  • Brawler WhirledBrawler Whirled
    A side-scrolling crawl-n-brawl fighting adventure of might and mayhem! Finding the missing diplomat is just another day in the hero biz!
  • Brick Evader 2Brick Evader 2
    Evade the colored bricks by swiftly moving between them! Get the star to be invincible for a little while! How long can you last with the bricks?