• XudokuXudoku
    Just when you thought that Sudoku couldn't get any better, Xudoku comes along! Try this version with more challenging puzzles to solve!

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your top 5 favorite games

  • Gem DropGem Drop
    In this fancy looking game you have to try and create clusters of three or more gems to make them disappear.
  • SolitaireSolitaire
    Classic Solitaire.
  • Solitaire HopSolitaire Hop
    A combination of Solitarie and Checkers, this game is tough! Clear cards from the board by hopping them over one another.
  • Sudoku ManiaSudoku Mania
    Love Sudoku and Tetris? You'll love this! Line up falling numbered blocks so that there is one of each number in each column, row, and square!

additional favorite games

  • Drop SumDrop Sum
    Strategically place numbers to keep the board cleared. This tricky game will test your mental agility. See if you can keep the board cleared!
  • Gem TraderGem Trader
    You have twenty days to repay your debt of $10,000 or you'll lose your house! Make the money by buying and selling gems, buy low, sell high!
  • Lolo BearLolo Bear
    Clear objects from the board one by one so that Lolo ends up in the box! You have to wait between clicking objects so plan ahead!