• The New WorldThe New World
    Travel from Spain to India in search of fortune! Choose a ship and purchase enough supplies to last for your whole journey! Choose wisely!

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your top 5 favorite games

  • Daily LifeDaily Life
    Live a new live in a new world! Help to achieve your dreams in Daily Life!
  • Dungeon AssaultDungeon Assault
    Dragons have taken to recruiting raiders to assault the dungeons of other dragons and steal their treasure!
  • Fish TruckFish Truck
    Drive fish to the market while guarding them from pesky birds. If not shot, they will swoop down and steal fish right out of the tank.
  • Student SimStudent Sim
    Try to be a successful college student! Can you balance studing and partying? Can you have fun and still earn your degree?

additional favorite games

  • 3D Blox3D Blox
    Karl does it again, more great graphics, and awesome game play its one of his best yet!!
  • Big Truck Adventures 3Big Truck Adventures 3
    Blast through the course as you try and get to the checkpoint quickly performing aerial stunts and collecting gold crosses before time runs out.
  • Boxhead: The Zombie WarsBoxhead: The Zombie Wars
    The zombies are back for more in the Boxhead series. Blast those zombies back to the grave with all new weapons and new game types!
  • Doodle DefenderDoodle Defender
    Doodle your way through each level as you take your newly created ship and blast the enemies. Earn cash to upgrade and draw new weapons.