• Super Jet CliffSuper Jet Cliff
    Use your jet pack to collect the climbers and the fuel along the side of the cliff! Avoid the rocks and don't run out of fuel!

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your top 5 favorite games

  • Best Friends ForeverBest Friends Forever
    Use teamwork as you try to work together and make it to the exit. Control all 3 of your friends to make it happen in this clever platformer.
  • Flower FlyerFlower Flyer
    Try to collect the yellow flowers into the vortex! You may have to attract them, repel them, or both! Work till you get them all in!
  • My Name is BlobMy Name is Blob
    Destroy all the blocks in a level by surrounding them with blobs and making the blobs disappear! Blobs disappear if you create a pattern!
  • Nitro Platform 2Nitro Platform 2
    Jump around each level collecting stars and greenies. Be careful though, each time you jump, a platform disappears!

additional favorite games

  • Catch the StarCatch the Star
    Carefully set up the screen so that you will catch all the yellow stars by hitting them with objects! Avoid the black ones or you'll lose points!