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Strategy Games:

Check out all the Strategy Games has to offer. We've got games that everyone wants to play! Just click on a game below to start playing. All Flash Games, Shockwave Games, and Java Games are free to play.

Arms Dealer

Arms Dealer Get as much money as you can by buying and selling weapons! Find out where the buying is cheap and the selling will make you a bundle!

My Wonderful Farm

My Wonderful Farm Plant, water, grow, and harvest crops! Try to make as much cash as you can by planting many different crops on your wonderful farm!

Little Protectors

Little Protectors Help the little protectors guard against wave after wave of invading baddies and harvest resources so that more little protectors can be built.

Alien Craft

Alien Craft You are the only hope for all Earth citizens! Your brave soldiers and powerful tanks are waiting for your commands to smash those evildoers!

Core Defense

Core Defense Defend the core base against waves of enemies who may come from all sides! Build up guns and walls and increase your ship's speed to defend it!

Aztec God

Aztec God Help your Aztec people be the ones to survive! Build up glorious cities and with the help of the gods, defeat the rival people.

1 Will Survive 2

1 Will Survive 2 Protect the Kingdom of Rivaros as you fight against the warlord Gandor! Take back town after town to defeat Gandor once and for all!

Chroma Factory

Chroma Factory Get the colored balls to the right receptors. Change conveyer belts, turn on incinerators, and use magnets to keep the balls going the right way.

Corpse Craft

Corpse Craft Oh no, the Weard school has been burned down and its students have been thrown into chaos! Use monstrous creations to fight off evil students!

Puzzle Craft

Puzzle Craft Swap items until you match three, but the trick is you must match specific colors in specific places on the board in order to move on!

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